Global Impact Investing Network engages ECCE / Harry Hummels as European Liaison

13-07-12 | Press release |

June 27, 2012—The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) today announced it has engaged Harry Hummels (ECCE) and Susannah Nicklin as its first European Liaisons. While the GIIN has been working with European impact investors since its launch in 2009, the Liaisons will deepen this involvement by providing a formal local presence through which the GIIN can expand support to Europe’s dynamic and growing impact investor community. The GIIN is the leading nonprofit organization dedicated to the development of a successful impact investing industry. Dr. Hummels and Ms. Nicklin begin their formal engagement as GIIN Liaisons on July 1. Dr. Hummels will have office space in the Holland Financial Center in Amsterdam and Ms. Nicklin will have office space at Nesta, an independent foundation in London.

“Many European institutions operate at the vanguard of the emerging impact investing industry, and their contributions have already been invaluable to the global community of impact investors,” said Luther Ragin, Jr., Chief Executive Officer of the GIIN. “We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Hummels and Ms. Nicklin, who not only provide a channel for more constant communication between impact investors in Europe and the GIIN offices in New York, but also bring with them well-informed views about the path to a more coherent global impact investment marketplace.”

With a goal to broadly encourage collaboration between the European impact investor community and the GIIN, the new Liaisons will cultivate strategic relationships with European networks and organizations, support European practitioner engagement with GIIN programs and resources, identify opportunities to highlight European impact investment activity to the global community for shared learning, and contribute European perspectives to the GIIN’s strategy.

Dr. Hummels is currently a Managing Director at SNS Impact Investing, the development investment arm of Dutch bank-insurer SNS REAAL. SNS Impact Investing is a EUR 350 million business unit that invests to achieve positive social and environmental outcomes alongside financial profit. Dr. Hummels is also a Professor of Ethics, Organizations, and Society at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. With decades of experience in socially and environmentally-minded finance and business academics, Dr. Hummels has cultivated an extensive network of impact investment professionals and has actively promoted impact investment principles and collaboration among investors from different parts of the world.

“I am really happy with the opportunity to work closely with the GIIN leadership and staff to build a more global impact investing network,” said Dr. Hummels. “We are living in turbulent times and the call for impact investing has never been as loud and clear as it is now. I am proud to be part of an investment community that endeavors financial and extra-financial prosperity for all.”

To date, the GIIN’s engagement with European impact investors includes attendance at industry events, collaboration with local networks, and ongoing direct conversations with the Europe-based large-scale active impact investors who are members of the GIIN Investors’ Council, a leadership group for the field. The GIIN’s search for an additional European Liaison based in Switzerland remains open.

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The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing the scale and effectiveness of impact investing. The GIIN builds critical infrastructure and supports activities, education, and research that help accelerate the development of a coherent impact investing industry. This work is informed by the GIIN Investors’ Council, an exclusive leadership group for active large-scale impact investors. Additionally, to serve the needs of the greater impact investing community, the GIIN also oversees the development of IRIS, a set of clearly-defined metrics that can be used to measure and describe an organization’s social, environmental, and financial performance, and manages ImpactBase, the online global directory of impact investment vehicles. The GIIN Outreach initiative elevates the profile of impact investing by broadly promoting industry progress and best practices. For more information, please visit  

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