Healthcare gone digital. Creating shared value through e-health

Working paper

01-07-16 |
Alexander Röntgen
Harry Hummels
This report evaluates a case study of impact investing in healthcare and brings together three parties:
 PROOF Impact at Maastricht University aims to demonstrate evidence of the (non-financial) relevance of impact investing by illustrating how financial and non-financial 
value can be turned into shared value.
 As an impact investor, the Dutch Noaber Foundation aims to support game-changing technologies in the healthcare domain. The foundation aims to create a virtuous cycle in which its investments have a positive financial return while improving the quality of life for selected groups of patients.
 VitalHealth Software as the focal investee of this report seeks a combined and balanced social and financial return for its investors. The company ́s mission reads: improving access to healthcare of millions of people through e-health solutions.

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